tetradrachm of Carthage (Zeugitana), 410-392 BC

Obv. horse prancing, Nike above, QRTHDST (= Carthage)
Rev. palm tree, MHNT (=the camp, viz. the military headquarters)

Jenkins SNR 53 38/3 (O11/R33)   16.92 g   Numismatica Ars Classica AG, Auction 13 (1998) no. 556
this coin

Together with "forepart horse/palm tree" first Carthage series minted for Sicily to pay the Carthagian army of 50000 soldiers that
intervened in the quarrel between Segesta and Selinous.
Destruction of Selinous and Himera. 

See Carthage Series 1 (38-48) (Jenkins SNR 53, 1974)