AV unit of Carthage, 202-146 BC

Obv. hd Tanit
Rev. horse stepping r., off-side foreleg raised

Jenkins-Lewis 496.1   2.99 g   S.G. 19.08   BM

Weight 4/5 Punic drachm
Accompanied by silver pieces of c. 13.10 g
With a ratio of 13:1 (high because of the situation of Carthage?)
one gold piece is worth three of the silver pieces.

normal plain edge

496       rev. no mark
497       rev. Punic letter aleph
498       rev. Punic letter beth
499       rev. Punic letter daleth

serrated edge

501-502   rev. pellet above raised leg
503       rev. pellet below
504       rev. pellet above at the back
505       rev. pellet behind the neck
506       rev. pellet below raised leg