EL 30% '3/8-shekel' of Carthage, 216-211 BC

Obv. Janiform female hds
Rev. quadriga with Nike, charioteer, and Jupiter

Jenkins-Lewis 490   2.77 g   BMC Roman Republic 148 S.G. 12.18
this coin

By Robinson arranged under The 'Capua' group, 216-211 BC (Hannibal)
Bahrfeldt (Die Römische Goldmünzprägung, 21f) tabulated these type of coins as Roman.
Recognized as a Punic issue by Gardner (NC 1884, pp 220ff), on the basis of the lack of legend
and the correspondence in weight and fineness with the Punic EL 3/8-shekel hd Tanit/horse
(arranged under Carthage, see Rutter NK, 2001, Historia Numorum Italy with ref. to Jenkins, Studi Breglia I, pp. 223-4).