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Carthage, two foundation myths

1215 BC some 30 years before the fall of Troy, Carthage is founded by Zoros and Karkhedon. Zoros (Azoros) is a derivation of the name Tyre (=Sor or Sur, 'rock' in Phoenician). Karkhedon is the Greek transcription of Qart Hadasht the 'New Town' founded in Cyprus. 814 BC Carthage founded by Elissa. Elissa's husband was killed by her brother King Pygmalion of Tyre. She fled with loyal followers to Cyprus and later to Libya. Here she was called Dido (Deido, 'wanderer') and founded Carthage. Tanit (the Latin Juno) indicated the spot by a horse's head in the ground. The Tyrians bought as much land from the Libyans as they could encircle with the skin of a bull, for which reason it was called Byrsa (bursa, Greek for ox-hide). The skin cut into very fine strips covered about 4 kilometres in circumference!!!
ca. 815 BC Foundation of Carthage supported by archeological evidence 278-275 BC Pyrrhus helped Greek cities on Sicily against Carthage 264-241 BC 1st Punic War Mamertines asked Carthage protection against Hieron II of Syracuse. Mamertines asked Rome protection against their Carthaginian protectors! Small garrizon of Carthaginians driven out of Messina. Carthaginians ally of Hieron II. Roman army attacked the besieging Syracusians and Carthaginians. 263 BC Syracusians (Hieron II) left the Carthaginians for the Romans. 261 BC Romans conquered the Carthaginian base of Agrigentum. 260 BC sea battle at Mylae (Roman victory over Carthage) 256 BC sea battle at Ecnomus (near the city of Licata = Phintias, in 280 BC founded by Phintias of Akragas) 255 BC Roman fleet to evacuate the army from Africa lost. 253 BC Romans conquered Panormos. 250 BC Roman victory at Panormos. 249 BC Roman fleet defeated at Drepana. 241 BC Roman fleet victory at the west coast of Sicily. End of the war Sicily in Roman hands, except for Messana and the kingdom of Syracuse. 241-237 BC revolt of Lybian mercenaries against Carthage 238 BC Sardinia Roman territory Corsica Roman territory 237 BC beginning of Carthaginian imperium in Spain 218-201 BC 2nd Punic War 149-146 BC 3rd Punic War King Massinissa of Numidia asked Rome (his ally) to help in a border dispute with Carthage.
RSmlqrt = Cape of Meqart could be Kephaloidion (Cefalu) or Herakleia Minoa, but neither of these is convincing. Other candidates Selinus Lilybaion (Marsala)