tetradrachm of Kamarina, 425-405 BC

Obv. quadriga driven by Athena wearing Phrygian helmet, Nike above; in ex. Ionic column, signature ExE below
Rev. head Herakles in lion's skin; text KAMAPINAION

Westermark & Jenkins 143.5    17.55 g   P.R. Franke and M. Hirmer (1964, 1972) Die Griechische Münze (no. 148)
                                        private collection

130-132          Obv. quadriga l., in ex. KAMAPINAION    Rev. bearded   Herakles l. in lion-skin
133-134, 136-142 Obv.              in ex. heron     
135                                                      Rev. bearded   Herakles r. 
143              Obv. quadriga r., in ex. column         Rev. bearded   Herakles l.
144                                in ex. fish
145-148                            in ex. corn grain     Rev. beardless Herakles l.
149-150, 152                       in ex. 2 amphorae     
151                                                      Rev. bearded   Herakles l.
153-157                                                  Rev. beardless Herakles r.