tetras of Kamarina, 425-405 BC

Obv. hd Gorgon facing
Rev. owl with lizard in claw, in ex: 3 pellets

Calc. 19                        2.93 g         /Batavia Classical Coins & Antiquities

tetras                                                                    onkion

Group I Gorgon with smooth hair, tied with hairband
        class 1 without letter or symbol on reverse
                C 01 (owl right)                                          C 02 
        class 2 with letters on reverse  
                C 03 (owl right) letter A in field r                      C 04
                C 05 (owl right) letter Gamma in field r 
        class 3 with symbols on reverse
                C 06 (owl right) corn-grain in field r                    C 07
Group II Gorgon with wild hair
        class 1 without letter on reverse
                C 08 (owl right)
        class 2 with letter on reverse  
                C 09 (owl right)
Group III Gorgon of different styles 
                C 10 (owl right) 
                C 11 (owl right)
                C 12 (owl right)                                          C 13
                C 14 (owl right) letter B in field r                      C 15 
                C 16 (owl right) letter Gamma in field r  
                C 17 (owl right) struck on larger blank                   C 18 
Group IV Gorgon with radiating hair
        class 1 owl right
                C 19 (owl right)
        class 2 owl left  
                C 20 (owl LEFT)
Group V Gorgon with neatly waved hair, perled hairband
        class 1 owl left 
                C 21 (owl LEFT)                                           C 22  
                                                                          C 23
                C 24 (owl LEFT) face more round    
        class 2 owl right 
                C 25   
        class 3 Gorgon face horrifying
                C 26 (owl LEFT) 
                C 27 (owl right)