onkia of Kamarina, 425-405 BC

Obv. hd Gorgon facing
Rev. owl with lizard in claw, in ex: 1 pellets

Calc. 13 (15, 18)                     1.31 g         /Munthandel G. Henzen List 2/95 no 15

Group I Gorgon with smooth hair, tied with hairband
        class 1 without letter or symbol on reverse
                C 02 ONKION
        class 2 with letters on reverse  
                C 04 ONKION
        class 3 with symbols on reverse
                C 07 ONKION
Group III Gorgon of different styles
                C 13 ONKION
                C 15 ONKION (owl right) letter B in field r  
                C 18 ONKION (owl right) letter Gamma in field r
Group V Gorgon with neatly waved hair, perled hairband
        class 1 owl left  
                C 22 ONKION  
                C 23 ONKION