didrachm of Kamarina, 415-405 BC

Obv. hd river-god Hipparis horned facing, two tunny fishes at sides
Rev. nymph Kamarina riding swan, holding up her drapery to make a sail. Tunny swimming below.

Basel 318                    8.55  g         Harlan J. Berk, Ltd., List 95 (1997), no 91

Obv. signed by the artist Euainetos (EYAI only faintly visible on the neck)
Rev. attributed to        Exakestidas

The nymph Kamarina is the daughter of Oceano. She is the nymph of the lake that is in the city of Kamarina.
11 specimens of this die pair are known (Westerman and Jenkins in 1980 record 8 specimens.
Three additional specimens have come up for sale since 1980).