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598 BC     (600/590 BC) Syracusan colony
548 BC     Revolt against Syracuse. Kamarina is destroyed.
495 BC     Kamarina is repeopled with colonists from Gela by Hippocrates of Gela.
485 BC     Kamarina destroyed.
461 BC     Repeopled as a colony of Gela.
405 BC     Kamarina destroyed by the Carthaginians.
405-404 BC Dionysios moves the people of Gela to Syracuse.
           Also the people of Kamarina is moved to Syracuse.
401 BC     Kamarina pays the Carthaginians. The city is freed and given to Dionysios.
280 BC     Kamarina is sacked by the Mamertines.
259 BC     Kamarina is conquered by Carthago.
258 BC     Kamarina is occupied by the Romans. The inhabitants are partly killed and
           partly sold as slaves. The land is taken as "ager publicus".