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600-550 BC   first half 6C BC
             Site already inhabited in the prehistoric age.
             City founded on a hill near the native Sikels, by Chalcidian colonists 
             from Katane.
465 BC after Morgantina reconquered its independence.
459 BC       Duketios destroys the city.
451 BC       Duketios is defeated, Syracuse occupies the city.
424 BC       Morgantina surrendered to Kamarina (treaty of Gela).
396 BC       Morgantina conquered by Dionysios I of Syracuse.
344 BC       Morgantina allied with Timoleon after the victory of Adranon.
4-3 C BC     The city is rebuilt, Strategic position. Shrine of Demeter and Kore is built.
3C BC        Theatre and huge warehouses are built.
218-201 BC   Second Punic War
             Morgantina garrisoned by the Romans.
             Passed to the Carthaginian side.
             Conquered by consul M. Cornelius.
212 BC       Iberian mercenaries are quartered in Morgantina,
             coins with the legend HISPANORUM.
211 BC       Mercenaries from Libya (leader Hiempsal II),
             coins no legend.
Roman Period After a long Roman period the city ends to exist.