Alaisa Archonidae, Halaesa

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403 BC     (circa) Halaesa founded by the Sicel chief Archonides II, tyrant of Herbita,
           with a large number of mercenaries he had gathered for the war aginst Dionysios of Syracusa.
343-341 BC Symmachy of Timoleon. In 344 BC Timoleon landed on Sicily. The Symmachy ended (in quarrel)
           in 341 BC after the victory of Crimisus and the monetary reform for economic rebirth of Greek Sicily.
           Alaisa was a major force in the alliance.
           Many of the Symmachy coins are attributed to Alaisa.   
263 BC     Alaisa Archonidae is allied with Rome and remains a free town. Economical power, new tempels
           and a forum.