tetradrachm of Syracuse, 415-405 BC

Obv. galloping quadriga driven by male charioteer; Nike flying above, crowning the charioteer; in ex: dolphin chasing smaller fish
Rev. head of Arethusa, four dolphins around, SURAKOSION

Tudeer 33 (V11/R17)    17.29 g    Triton I Auction December 2-3, 1997 New York, NY, no 332
                                  ex R.C. Lockett Collection (Glendining's, 25-28 October 1955), lot 848
                                  ex Weber Collection, no. 1597

signed by Eu ... 
Eu... (obverse beneath horses: EY)
Eu... (reverse behind neck:    EV)

auction catalogue
"... signed by the engraver Eumenos (or Eumenes) on both obverse and reverse."

1st specimen
2nd specimen

See die-coupling (Tudeer1-57) and hairstyle C