half or drachm of Poseidonia, 520-500 BC

Obv. Poseidon throwing trident
Rev. Poseidon throwing trident, incuus

SNG ANS 619-629   3.32 g   Triton I (1997) no. 113, 540-510 BC

510-500 BC POM ao         /POM co              NAC 13  160
520-510 BC POM ao         /POM co              NAC 18   34
530-520 BC POM ao         /POM co              Berk 120 85
540-510 BC POM ao         /POM co              Triton I 113
530-520 BC POM co         /POM co              Berk 113 96
540-510 BC POM co-serpent /POM co              Triton I 114
520-510 BC POM-ES ao      /POM-ES co           NAC  L 1081
520     BC POM ao         / FSSM co             Triton I 112
520     BC POME ao-FSSM co/FSSM ai-POMES co    Berk 117 127
540-510 BC FSSM co         /FSSM ai              TKALEC, Auction 2001 no. 9 

POMES should be read as POSEI, FSSM as FIIS The letters FIIS have been explained as: a. the initial letters of a place such as Campanian Fistelia b. the original native name for Poseidonia c. a reference to the oecist of Sybaris, Is of Helike, in Achaea (Rutter 1997)