drachm of Herakleion, 300-280 BC

Obv. hd Athena frontal wearing Attic helmet decorated with Scylla
Rev. owl holding olive branch

Van Keuren 114      3.81 g     Classical Numismatic Group > Triton V 2002 lot 1089
                               Estimate 1000 USD, realized 600 USD 

type vK 114-123

LUCANIA, Herakleia. Circa 281-278 BC. AR Drachm (3.81 gm). 
Three-quarter facing head of Athena, head turned slightly right, wearing triple-crested helmet decorated with Skylla hurling a stone; FI left /
THRAKLEIWN, owl standing right on olive branch; SWSI left, club right. 
Van Keuren 114; SNG ANS -. 
Nice VF, well centered. ($1000) 
From the William N. Rudman Collection.